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Due Diligence

Uniquely designed to meet the needs of Investors and Private Equity Firms, InvestCheck brings together a suite of due diligence solutions to streamline your deal flow process. With unified access to over 100+ billion public and non-public legal, media, internet, and social media records, InvestCheck gives investors a detailed analysis of companies and principals.

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Easily Search
Criminal and Civil
Court Records

CourtCheck offers convenient electronic access to federal and district court records and is absolutely free. A directory of all county level court databases is provided to easily search or request court records from county court houses.

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Assess Social
Media Content

Analyze social media posts and images to identify risks across several categories, including hate speech, violent or derogatory language, explicit content and more.  Create custom keyword searches to flag posts based on your designated risk tolerance. 

Review News and
Media Chatter

Drawing on tens of thousands of news sources from all over the world, InvestCheck gives you access to real time and historical news alerts from press releases, international and local news sources, and other web-sourced content.

Internet Searches

Run simultaneous web searches with various word combinations to access billions of records with a single click. Our pinpoint algorithm ensures incredible accuracy.

Find People and
Confirm Identity

Our search engine tech helps quickly weed out false positives and duplicate results so you get the factual results you need seamlessly. And the identities you need confirmed.