Due Diligence for
Successful Investing

All investors know that at the early stage of a company, they are investing in a person with an idea, and their potential to execute on that idea is usually a factor of what they have done in the past. But is what they are saying true?

Are they accurately representing themselves? Are there factors that, if known, would cause you not to invest? In the past, investors chose between a cost-effective background check or a cost-prohibitive comprehensive dossier. But the background check only tells you what someone got caught doing, and the comprehensive dossier is too expensive.

At VERAFĪ, we believe that early-stage investors are the lifeblood of the modern economy and deserve to have the best intelligence protecting their investment decisions, so we created an industry-specific solution for investors to make the previously unaffordable level of comprehensiveness available to angel groups and venture funds at an affordable price.

Litigation Assessment

Civil and Criminal
Litigation Assessment.

Company Overview

Overview of company
details and findings.

Reputational Assessment

Overview of associated derogatory
terms and media coverage.

Social Media Assessment

Overview of associated
social media accounts.

Financial Assessment

Overview of company
financial profile.

Company Principals

Illustration of company
principals and findings.

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