Solutions for Every Industry

VERAFĪ offers enhanced due diligence services, including custom options, to meet the intelligence needs of a range of industries.

For Investors

VERAFĪ solutions for M&A, Venture Capital, and Angel Investors give clients the intelligence they need to know who they are investing in.

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For Commercial Banking

VERAFĪ solutions for Commercial and Asset-Backed lending keep financial institutions compliant with our Customer Due Diligence services.

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For Hiring

VERAFĪ Due Diligence for Executive and Medical hiring comply with current labor laws while offering our clients the intelligence they need to make the right hiring decisions.

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For Litigation

VERAFĪ VERAFĪ Litigation Support helps you complete research for briefs and exhibits, collect evidence, examine expert witnesses, and locate people and assets.

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VERAFĪ enhanced due diligence services go beyond the basic background check and truly give our clients the intelligence they need to make informed decisions.

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Client Feedback


Vice President | Metropolitan Capital

“I have been blown away with how quickly you’ve been able to get integrated into the Bank and deliver such value. I just received your report for one of my clients and it is exhaustive, meticulous, and cut right to the key challenges.”


Top Tier VC Fund

“After being in venture capital for decades, I’ve seen my share of scam investments that have destroyed firms and investor reputations. VERAFĪ has provided us with so much in-depth research that they’ve saved our firm millions in losses. Their attention to detail and access to next-level intel has been essential to our success. We won’t invest without them.”


Chief Revenue Officer

“VERAFĪ has been worth every penny. Had I not used your services, my losses would have been significant.”

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